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The Reasons Why Most Companies Prefer Blue Color When designing Logos with Logo Maker Generator

If you take the time to Google a few Logos for different companies, you’ll notice one thing in common; they feature blue color. In fact, most have a predominantly blue color in their logos. The companies might have utilized different shades of blue, in completely different ways, but blue remains the predominant color.

These are the reasons why companies love blue color when creating logos with paid or free logo maker software

We tend to react to different colors in different ways. In other words, colors have a great impact on our mood and personality. We react to colors instantaneously and deeply; which is why business owners should know how customers react to different colors before creating their logos. This knowledge will help them know how each color impacts different customer’s buying decisions, and this will help them when creating their business logos.

Case in point: Red is a predominant color in fast food outlets because it’s eye-catching, energetic, increases heartbeat and makes you think about hot and alluring meals.

Blue, on the flip side, is a color loved by the majority of people. For starters, it’s the color of the sky and sea. We see the sky and the sea all the time. It also depicts confidence and significance, which is why governments like to choose it for police uniforms and people of authority.

But because there are different shades of blue, interpretations differ. People associate dark blue with the corporate world. It depicts admirable characteristics, such as intelligence, unity, and stability. Electric blue is associated with drama and dynamism and it’s normally interesting to watch.

Many software companies like to use dark blue in their logos because it’s a combination of dynamism and intelligence. It also depicts a certain degree of creativity and innovation. Not to forget that it’s associated with proficiency and professionalism.

Another reason blue is a popular color in logos is the fact that it’s the only color that that doesn’t specify any gender. Ideally, it impacts all genders equally. Plus, blue is a color that depicts clam and a soothing environment.

When compared to black (a color that depicts authority) and when compared to pink (a color that depicts feminism and informal environment, blue is the perfect color for most organizations dealing with business and software.

Also, we humans have grown and adapted to seeing red and green colors effectively. Red and yellow colors depict danger. We see them in stop lights whenever we drive to work or other social places. So we tend to capture blue out of the side of our eye because it’s sort of less threatening. However, most people are not buying this reason. They argue that if humans can see red and green colors effectively, and red and yellow depict danger, then all colors that we notice or perceive quickly should be a sign of danger. Well, other people claim that they don’t notice blue more than other colors. This further twists this claim.

If you’re in the technology and business niche and your business logo doesn’t have a blue color, experts say there is no way you’re going to make it to the top of the tree.


So, if you are thinking of creating your company logo using paid software or free logo creation software, here is the solution with , you can be sure to choose your colors wisely in order to achieve success quickly. That said, blue should be a color that should not be missing in your logo. We are surrounded by different shades of nature’s blue, like the sky and the oceans. Blue tends to evoke a sense of comfort from the moment we wake up; it’s probably the first thing you’ll see when you leave home.